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Elise Macmillan


In the Shade of the String, 2022 (Breton Cassette, Oslo)
Spiral Noons, 2022 (Quatuor Bozzini / nyMusikk)
Dropping my phone at the speedway, 2021 (nyMusikk Bergen)
FOG NET HOTLINE, 2020 (Laup, Oslo)
Night Blooming Planet, 2017 (FELIX ONYX, Los Angeles)

. EMACS Voice Hardingfele Viola Electronics
. https://www.discogs.com/emacs
. https://soundcloud.com/nightbloomingplanet
. https://special.fish/emacs


2023 Spiral Fugue, Hums, UKS, Oslo
2023 Saying is Losing, for Pinquins percussion trio, Oslo
2023 Surprised everytime


2023 Parkteatret, Oslo / William Basinski
2023 Soulseek etyder, Ella Lissey's, Ormøya
2023 Cosmopolite Scene, Oslo / Anna Soleil, Oslo
2023 F/eks at MIR EMACS / O, Oslo
2023 Pace//X-X at BLÅ - Niilas / EMACS / Posner, Oslo
2022 Spiral Noons, Quatuor Bozzini, Montréal Conservatoire
2022 Composer's Kitchen, Quatuor Bozzini
2022 List of Angels w/ todays favorite singers, NYC
2022 St. Edmunds Kirke, BY:LARM, Oslo
2022 In the Shade of the String, Breton Cassette, Oslo
2022 Sieve, SUB / NEU
2022 Litha with Today's Favorite Singers, London
2022 Release Concert, In the Shade of the String, Oslo
2022 Club No-No Ambient Garden, Bergen Kjøtt
2022 Tappenstrek, Haus der Kunst, Oslo
2022 EMACS, BLÅ, Oslo
2021 Guest Composer EMS, Stockholm
2021 H.o.Me. for obsolete media, Kunsthaus Langenthal
2021 Spiral Fugue, UKS 100 - Years, Kunstnernes Hus


24.07.21 KAFÉ HÆRVERK, Oslo
15.06.21 IRL, Brooklyn NY
20.06.21 LOSSY at Atelier Nord, Oslo
12.12.20 Memphis Galleri, Oslo
12.03.20 Løvens Hule, Oslo
09.06.20 KAFÉ HÆRVERK, Oslo
08.06.20 Old Kunstkritikk HQ, There is nothing like you there was nothing like, Oslo
02.15.20 Gargantuan eating a lot of hearts, Destiny's, Oslo
12.01.19 Clip Clop Feeler at Land, Kansas City
11.18.19 How to Practice #26, UKS, Oslo
09.26.19 Song Walk at Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva
09.13.19 INSUB: EMACS / Anna-Kaisa Meklin / Tresque at Le Cabinet Geneva
08.16.19 EMACS / Tangent + Mek at Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva
06.01.19 soundtrack for Metadata, Kunstenfestival Watou
07.09.19 Residency at Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva
06.23.19 EMACS, Sankthansaften, Destinys Atelier, Oslo
05.16.19 Cave Sounds, Kunstnernes Hus Kino, Oslo
04.29.19 Jazz at Khartoum, with Snorre Magnar Solberg, Oslo
04.27.19 Ocean Drum Ensemble, Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo
03.03.19 Good Speaker, Skylight Galleri, Oslo
01.31.19 EMACS + The Homie / 10LEC6, Serpent à Plume, Paris
11.23.18 Heavy Melodies for Seals II, Shedhalle Zurich
05.10.18 Snail Hospital Foundation Benefit, Oslo
07.15.18 Music For Seal, Gonzales Bay, Vancouver Island
06.22.18 Blind Signal No. 4 Cobi Van Tonder, Berlin
06.21.18 Zweikommasieben: Tomoko Sauvage + EMACS, Lucerne
05.23.18 PAF Chapel, St. Erme
05.20.18 Atelier i Arcueil, Paris
06.04.18 Hardingfele + Voice @ Edvard Munch's Atelier, Ekely
02.23.18 KAFÉ HÆRVERK, Club No-No, Oslo
12.18.17 Tape Release, 3435 S. Broadway, Los Angeles
12.02.17 Østre Elvebakke 1, Oslo
11.29.17 After School Special, Landmark at Bergen Kunsthall
11.16.17 Piksel17, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen
11.10.17 Heavy Melodies for Seals at Kunstnernes Hus
07.05.17 Summer Special, Destiny's Atelier, Oslo
11.16.17 Piksel17, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen
11.10.17 SWANS LAKE, Kunstakademiet Badstu
03.19.17 Kaffibaren, Rauland
07.05.17 Raulandsakademiet Badstu
07.05.15 EMACS / Meerdo, Paris London Hong Kong, Chicago
10.10.15 No Media, Comfort Station, Chicago
07.01.15 Traysh Island III: The Legend of Mold Mang, Chesterhill, OH

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